SunRidge Farms Katahdin Sheep

Why Katahdin Hair Sheep?

Katahdins are an American breed of hair sheep, developed in the 1950’s and named after Mt. Katahdin in Maine. They are the most popular breed of sheep in the United States, as measured by registration and transfer numbers. 

Katahdins are well known for their positive reproductive traits such as mothering ability, fertility, milk production, and lamb vigor. 

At first glance, it appears that hair sheep , such as Katahdins, are goats, but hair sheep are actually full blooded sheep raised as a source of lean, sweet meat rather than wool. In fact, hair sheep more closely resemble the ancestors of today’s domestic sheep breeds which had long coarse hair and a short downy undercoat. 

Katahdin sheep are docile and easily handled. We really enjoy caring for and giving our sheep the best environment for breeding and later, growing their lambs.  They make a great addition to a small farm or homestead. 

Katahdins do not require shearing but naturally shed their coats when temperatures and day length begin to increase. They also do not require tail docking. 

We believe that prioritizing our flock’s health and welfare thru excellent nutrition, access to clean water and minerals, and good ole TLC promotes our Katahdin flock’s natural resistance to gastrointestinal parasites.


Harry & Suzanne began their farm, SunRidge Farms in 2015, naming it after watching the sunrise coming up over the ridge across from the farm. It is located in Molena, Georgia which is in the Western central region of the state, about 30 miles from Pine Mountain, Georgia and F.D. Roosevelt State Park. Our original breeding stock  of purebred registered Katahdin sheep was purchased from WarmSprings Katahdins. We currently have 38 Katahdin hair sheep  along with laying hens, and a vegetable garden. 


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